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Hospital Ventilation Inspection

Induspec uses two technical resources, one being a professional engineer and the other,  existing hospital drawings when completing a ventilation inspection.

The professional engineer develops an index of each piece of ventilation equipment at the hospital site. Included in the index will be: equipment name, number,  physical location, function, operating characteristics and area of influence.

Induspec utilizes existing architectural drawings to determine which room(s) or general area(s) each appliance services so an accurate correlation can be made between the appliances and the areas they service. Such an approach is necessary to be able to corroborate future measurements from individual supply / exhaust ducts as well as to establish the number of fresh (outside) air exchanges being provided into respective areas.

Induspec separately measures the flow and static pressure of all appliances  in order to establish the actual appliance performance as compared with original specifications. All obtained data is entered into a highly customized software solution, that was designed by Induspec, to provides an overview, by individual room, of both current and past test results.

  • Date July 17, 2018
  • Tags Energy, Facility Management