The future of long-wear products in mining and construction is here. Induspec, in partnership with Deep Cryogenics International, is now operating a 1,200 litre deep cryogenic processor capable of handling up to a 4,000 lb payload.

Combined with DCI’s trusted engineered deep cryogenic’s recipes, our large processor and all of its required process control equipment changes the game. It’s one of its kind, the biggest and most sophisticated in the country, and the secret to massive savings.  Are you willing to try deep cryogenics on your applications? To have the courage to try, to innovate, to make things last longer, to be a hero for your organization?

Our deep cryogenic technology increases productivity while reducing costs. It is best suited for parts used in abrasive, high wear environments like mining and road construction. This process is totally green, therefore infinitely renewable and recycled in the environment.


How Our Process Makes Your Equipment Last up to 40% Longer

Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) is a process whereby heat-treated steel is subject to a rate controlled thermal descent from room temperature down to as cold as – 320 °F.

Materials go through various sequences of tempering cycles to obtain optimal benefit for the specific variety of steel. Prior to the tempering, we carefully control the descent ramp, dwell time, and temperature ascent ramp.


The results? Common reduction in wear of 20% to 40%, with some applications seeing a doubling or even tripling of wear life. 

What do these results mean to your company? Greater uptime and lower production cost, specifically, reduced maintenance costs, reduced working capital, and  reduced warehouse space required for your parts inventory. Cryogenic improvement of items spans almost all assets that wear.


Request a Trial for Your Equipment

Heat and cryogenic treatment of steel is not a new concept. However, engineered deep cryogenic treatment of large parts has not been available until now, and Induspec is ready to provide it.

Are you struggling with excessive downtime? Changing lots of bucket teeth? Replacing worn brake rotors all the time? Dealing with bad chips due to dull chipper knives? Worn ground engagement tools? Manpower loss due to crusher cone change outs?

DCT treatment is the answer. We would love to do a trial with you. Call us and let’s discuss how we can provide you with trial pricing, support and financial analysis. Together, let’s make you the next wear fighting hero.