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Balcony Slab Evaluation

The balconies of a condominium complex had been a source of ongoing concern due to what visually appeared to be  severe deterioration of several concrete balconies.

Induspec performed a thorough evaluation of one of the concrete beams that made up the concrete balconies.  Induspec used extensive Schmidt Rebound Hammer testing and visual inspections along the length of the beam as well as throughout of cross sectional faces of the removed sections.

The result of our evaluation suggested that the concrete beam could no longer provide the required safe load-bearing capacity.  Significant portions of concrete within the beam were observed to have virtually no compressive strength; whereby some sections would collapse under their own weight during removal and smaller pieces could be crushed by hand.

Based on the evaluation that had been completed on the beam and a visual inspection of the other balconies Induspec recommended that a certain number of balconies were no longer safe for continued use and must be rehabilitated or replaced


  • Date November 12, 2018
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