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Custom Lifting Solutions

In the industrial workplace it is often difficult to find lifting equipment which is designed to safely and ergonomically lift specific work pieces in today’s high paced and safety conscious workplace. Most often the challenge is not to build stronger lifting devices, but to use some ingenuity to develop something that is simple, robust, and stands up to the use of an industrial environment. Regulations regarding safety devices are typically very strict.  Thus, an employer really has an obligation to ensure that all lifting devices are designed, certified and up to the strict codes governing such devices. Induspec has worked with the line staff of many industrial customers to develop highly customized lifting solutions which are not only safe, but are easy to use.  How do we know that they are easy to use?  Because we review the design concept with the end user.  We value their input and fashion our design in accordance with their needs.

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags Industrial