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Basement Bearing Wall Repair

While excavating as part of a renovation project by a commercial client, a large section of an adjacent basement bearing wall was observed to be critically damaged.  A significant portion of the basement wall blocks were cracked and, in some locations, deflected inwards.  Renovation plans could not proceed until a remediation strategy was implemented.

The building was thoroughly inspected to determine the structural layout at the roof and ground level, as well as the wall construction to determine the load path.  A detailed plan to execute the repairs was needed as soon as possible to avoid additional costs of delaying the project.

Induspec collaborated with the on-site contractor to expediently determine a suitable shoring design and a reinforced CMU wall design to met the client’s deadline and objectives.  The design, including construction drawings sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer, were provided to the client within two days of Induspec’s engagement with the project.  Within a single work week of contacting Induspec, the new basement CMU wall was completed.  The client was then able to proceed with the intended renovation plans with very limited delay.

  • Date January 9, 2019
  • Tags Commercial