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Elevator Hoist Weight Increase

A new elevator hoist assembly was to be installed to replace an existing outdated system at an apartment complex.  The client sourced and purchased a new assembly.  It was later determined that the replacement assembly was significantly heavier than the original.  The structural capacity of the building’s elevator shaft, as well as any other relevant adjacent structural components, needed to be analyzed to confirm that they were adequate to support for the additional load.  An expedient solution was essential as the final commissioning of the new hoist was imminent.

Induspec used existing structural drawings, observations from the on-site visit, and previous elevator commissioning and inspection documents for the structural analysis.  Where information was insufficient or unavailable; conservative assumptions regarding the construction of the structure were used.  Induspec was able to to provide the client with a sealed letter of confirmation, stating the results of the analysis and the assumptions made within three days of initial contact by the client.  The commissioning of the new hoist proceeded with no further delay.


  • Date March 8, 2019
  • Tags Safety