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Beamer Crane Upgrade

A client had a self-supporting gantry crane within their facility that had been taken out of service.  The client wanted to move this self-supporting structure moved to a new location and made wider to accommodate current needs.  Induspec completed a structural analysis of the crane components to determine which members needed to be replaced, including the gantry crane.  Once sizes were selected Induspec prepared Engineering drawings and requested pricing for the fabrication and installation of the structural steel components.  Induspec provided the construction management and completed a PSSR for the client as part of the commissioning of the crane.  Induspec was on site regularly during the installation to respond to any queries and to ensure that installation was completed as per the requirements.  The project was completed to a high standard of quality and the client was pleased with the results.


  • Date May 1, 2018
  • Tags Industrial