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Building Structure Foundation Retrofit

An industrial client procured a pre-fabricated structure that appeared not to be adequately sized for the existing concrete foundation on which is was intended to be installed.  Upon investigation by Induspec is was observed that the column base layout could not be used safety without intermediate structural accommodation between the steel structure and the concrete foundation.  Induspec obtained the relevant dimensions of the pre-fabricated steel structure from the fabricator’s technical drawings, as well as from on-site measurements.  Potential interference of adjacent installations were observed and the structural drawings were reviewed to design adequate anchoring elements and their layout.  Sealed fabrication and installation drawings were provided to the client within two weeks of the initiation of the project.  Induspec worked with the building designers to ensure they approved the use of the brackets for their building and with the building installer to ensure that the installation procedures for the foundation brackets was clearly understood.  The Induspec solution was innovative, simple, cost effective and safe.

  • Date May 23, 2019
  • Tags Industrial