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2000T Press Failure

Our client had purchased a 2000T press from a far-eastern supplier.  Within one year, major structural components of the press were failing in a catastrophic fashion.  This failure made the press unsafe to operate.  Platen alignment data showed over 0.75″ misalignment in a 79″ square platen.  Platen supports had repeatedly cracked and several attempts of re-welding those supports proved unsuccessful.

Induspec analyzed the load conditions and it became apparent that failures were being caused by misalignment. Induspec identified the cause of the misalignment; the process of loading and unloading the press placed a significant horizontal load to the platen.  These forces had not been considered in the original design.

Induspec designed reinforcement brackets which would accept the horizontal loads. In addition to the reinforcement brackets, Induspec re-designed several of the broken brackets which more than doubled the strength of the critical support brackets while maintaining their size to fit into their original locations.

Induspec worked with a local fabricator to have new brackets built and quality control tested and a local industrial contractor to safely remove the damaged brackets and install the new brackets.



  • Date May 31, 2019
  • Tags Industrial, Safety