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Silo Inventory Measurement Upgrade

The inventory of raw materials within several storage silos of a manufacturing facility employed unreliable and ineffective inventory measurement instruments.  Induspec collaborated with the client to determine the key issues; the incorrect location of the measurement instruments, inability to readily access the instruments for maintenance, and the cost of a fall arrest system or extension of existing catwalks.  Induspec developed a cost-effective means to achieve the client’s goals.   In collaboration with the client, Induspec recommended a solution that would allow the accuracy of  measurements, utilized minimal material resources and eliminated the need to extend the existing catwalks or to install anchorage points.  Induspec provided sealed fabrication design and installation drawings for the mounting assemblies and worked with a local contractor to manufacture and install the new level mounts.  Once the mounts were installed Induspec mounted the measurement devices.  Induspec’s solution was less than half of the estimated original costs.  Induspec’s solution was simple, highly effective and much more affordable.  Induspec is Engineering Profitability.

  • Date March 31, 2019
  • Tags Industrial