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Water Cooling System

Induspec was invited into a large local manufacturing facility in order to perform an overview energy audit.  Induspec observed conditions, quantified them and put together business cases for correcting the observed inefficiencies.

One of the biggest observed inefficiencies was a plant wide cooling water system.  The system was significantly oversized for current needs and the excessive water flow overcapacity resulted in throttling valves operating in near closed positions.  Induspec proposed changes to four pumps and a drastic change to the 6″ and 8″ piping system.  In addition, the client identified that the existing water cooling tower was well past its useful life a new cooling tower and storage tank were added to the project scope.

Induspec performed the initial energy quantification and performed design calculations for new pumps, complete with variable speed drives, designed a significant water cooling tower, complete with foundations and a jib mount.  Induspec supervised all construction, commissioned the system with the client, provided as built drawings and procured energy savings rebates.

Not only did Induspec install a robust new cooling system, but the client saved tens of thousands of dollars in annual energy costs, making for a quick ROI on this project.

  • Date October 3, 2015
  • Tags Energy, Industrial