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Formaldehyde Shutdown

Induspec was requested by a local client to perform a turn-key maintenance shutdown.  The job would include work identification, planning, scheduling, cost tracking, and execution monitoring, including the provision of both skilled and unskilled labour to augment existing facility resources. Induspec initiated a two pronged approach.  In order to provide a proper planning tool, Induspec wrote a database solution to serve as a shutdown CMMS capable of performing appropriate cost tracking, work planning and safety management. The critical path for the shutdown was the removal and re-installation of a pelletized catalyst for the conversion of methanol to formaldehyde. It was found that the facility did not have a compliant approach to lock-out for the shutdown.  Induspec worked with the operating staff to put together photo-based and well annotated lock-out sheets to ensure all equipment to be worked on was and remained at a secure, zero-energy state. The shutdown was completed without safety incidents and within schedule.  Documentation was provided and was utilized as a baseline for the next few shutdowns.

  • Date October 8, 2012
  • Tags Industrial